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    The heavily armored and mightily gunned T-54/T-55 Main Battle Tanks have proven popular with countries around the world even today. Find specifications for the T-54/T-55 Main Battle Tank below. Date of service: T-54, 1949; T-55, 1959 or 1960

    Soviet T-55 Main Battle Tank: James Kinnear, Stephen .

    Soviet T-55 Main Battle Tank [James Kinnear, Stephen Sewell, Andrey Aksenov] on Amazon. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A highly illustrated study of the T-55 Main Battle Tank and its variants that formed the backbone of the Soviet Army during the years of the Cold War. The T-55 is one of the most iconic weapons created by the Soviets during the Cold War and also one of the most .

    t-55 main battle tank,

    T-54/T-55 Main Battle Tank | HowStuffWorks

    T-54/T-55 Main Battle Tank. The T-54/T-55 series of Main Battle Tanks were descended directly from the famous Prinadlezhit-Chetverki, or T-34 Medium Tank, the Soviet Union's armored savior. The T-34 evolved into the T-44 medium tank, which had a different engine, a torsion bar suspension system, a larger chassis, and a dome-shaped turret lying close to the hull.

    t-55 main battle tank,

    T-54 and T-55 Main Battle Tanks 1944-2004 (New Vanguard .

    Mar 20, 2016· T-54 and T-55 Main Battle Tanks 1944-2004 (New Vanguard) [Steven J. Zaloga, Hugh Johnson] on Amazon. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The T-54 and T-55 tanks are the most widely manufactured tanks of all time. They have become ubiquitous to …

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    T-55 Main Battle Tank. Home The Battlefield. Any questions, comments, or problems, please email me. East German T-55AM with Mine Plow Walk Around by Marcel Jussen . T-55AM2B Walk Around by Ulrich Wrede . Ex- East-German NVA T-55AM2B Kladivo (Hammer)/Bastion Exercise complex for crew training by Thomas Voigt

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    The T-55 is one of the most iconic weapons created by the Soviets during the Cold War and also one of the most widely deployed weapons in history. Like its younger brother, the T-54, the T-55 enjoyed a long career in the Red Army and even into the earl

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    The T-54/55 is a non-amphibious main battle tank built in the former Soviet Union, China (as type 59), Czechoslovakia and Poland. T-54/T-55 basic models have all-welded hulls divided into three main compartments with the driver at the front, fighting compartment in the center, and the engine at the rear.

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    T-54 and T-55 main battle tanks have been among the most widely used tanks in the world. The USSR supplied the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong with T-54 and T-55 tanks during the Vietnam War. In1947, the Soviets built the first prototype of the T-54 main battle tank.

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    Hello, this is the Soviet T-55 main battle tank. It was the main tank in the Soviet Army and armies in countries of the Warsaw Pact. Many other countries used the T-55 as well because is was a (for that time) high-tech tank which's design has been kept simple so that operation and maintenance are easy enough even in combat environment.

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    The T-54/55 tanks are mechanically simple and robust. They are very simple to operate compared to Western tanks, and do not require a high level of training or education in their crew members. The T-54/55 is a relatively small main battle tank, presenting a smaller target for its opponents to hit.

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